CLINAM 2018 with EUNCL Participation

It was the 11th Summit of its kind. CLINAM again welcomed the participants from the community of nanomedicine, targeted drug delivery and precision medicine and bring together the pioneers and worldwide opinion leaders, not only to learn and discuss but also to develop new ideas, create new collaborative projects and shape the future of medicine.


Senior scientists enlightened young researchers and students with their long experience and expertise. Around 500 participants from more than 35 countries made use of the role of the CLINAM Foundation as the nonprofit service provider for novel nanomedicine, targeted delivery and precision medicine. CLINAM is the worldwide melting pot in the field of nanomedicine, targeted delivery and precision medicine.
Plenary sessions highlighted some of the last year's most interest-charged fields. In addition, Satellite Meetings were scheduled.
EUNCL successfully presented during a dedicated session again about its work, the cooperation with US-NCL and regulators as well as how sponsors can access the TNA. he Deputy DG RTD Signe RATSO even highlighted in her introductory speech the major success of EUNCL and the good cooperation with the US partners.

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