The JRC is offering a position in the field of immunological safety testing of nanomaterials.


The JRC Exploratory Research Programme (ER) is a strategic initiative characterised by ideas that may lead to novel results, which are going to qualitatively enrich the current scientific work at the JRC.

The vacancy is within the Directorate Health, Consumers and Reference Materials. The directorate provides independent scientific evidence for the development, implementation and evaluation of EU policies, mainly in the areas of standardisation, public health, food and feed safety and authenticity, cosmetics and other consumer products, medical devices, nanomaterials, taxation with a focus on frauds and a well-functioning internal market.

The operational scientific research will take place in the unit Consumer Products Safety.

FG IV – Project Officer Exploratory Research Project: Personalised Immunological Risk Assessment Technologies (PIRAT) (PDF, 0.2 MB)

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