European Nanocharacterization laboratory (EUNCL) meets in Münster

Three years ago, EUNCL was funded as starting community by the European H2020 program with the goal to increase the safety of new nano-based medical products. The representatives and experts from all over Europe met in Münster on May 24th to discuss about the progress in establishing the reference laboratory they set up for the last 3 years and its further development beyond 2019. The partners located in Münster are the only German party involved in EUNCL.


Nanotechnology offers for example the possibility to deliver anti-cancer agents more targeted and in consequence with less side effects into the tumour. Usually, new drugs are tested regarding their safety for the patient, the same applies for new drugs containing nanotechnology. Hence, the EUNCL partners aim to adapt the established test methods for typical pharmaceutical products to products containing nanoparticles. Thereupon, the newly developed test methods are made available to research groups and SMEs all over Europe. Münster, under the lead of the Gesellschaft für Bioanalytik e.V., is the only party which included not only the University of Münster but also 3 highly qualified SMEs into the consortium of EUNCL. "Aiming to be the reference for nanobioanalytics in Europe, EUNCL has high strategic importance. ", explains Dr. Klaus-Michael Weltring, the Managing Director of the Gesellschaft für Bioanalytik e.V. "Our goal is to be and to stay a central partner for this European reference project in order to establish Münster as the German center for characterization of medical nanomaterials." The counseling meeting showed that Münster is well under way.

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  • Last General Assembly met in Stoos, Switzerland 23. - 24. May 2019
    The project’s last General Assembly took place under the motto ‘overview, impact and forecast’. The Work Package leader presented a pre-final report on their respective WPs, recapitulating the tasks accomplished during the last 3,5 years of the project’s runtime.
  • NCI-NCL – Open position
    The NCL is looking for an experienced analytical chemist to add to our team.
  • EUNCL ExBo Meeting in Liverpool
    The EUNCL ExBo met on 22nd and 23rd November 2018 at University of Liverpool to discuss the actual status of the work in the project and especially in the TNA. The CET and TNA management updated the ExBo on the on-going and the further work planned. The discussion on all questions raised during the meeting was very extensive and important decisions were taken for the last year of the project duration.

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