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The EUNCL aims at fostering innovation in Nanomedicine by providing access to state of the art full characterisation of nanomaterials intended for medical applications, developed by public labs, spin–offs and innovative SMEs. The EUNCL shall also serve as a European knowledge base for researchers and industry ensuring that European knowledge is documented in Europe for the benefit of the European economy, healthcare systems and patients.

The EUNCL shall provide a comprehensive set of characterisation tests (physical, chemical, in vitro and in vivo biological properties) allowing researchers and SMEs to better understand or predict the clinical in vivo effects of their medical nanomaterials. On top of that, a full characterisation is required by regulation agencies before approval of any tests on human beings.. The knowledge base to be developed by EUNCL will help the European Medicines Agency (EMA) or other relevant agencies (e.g. notified body) to adapt the current regulation and approval process to Nanomedicine products. Further links with EURAMET (standardisation of analytical methods of nanomedical nanomaterials) as well as with the nanomaterials eco-toxicity initiative will be implemented in order to share some analytical methods and equipment.

The EUNCL will also have a strategic and political role in helping newcomers, like spin-offs or SMEs, in getting an easy access to nanocharacterisation and further to prepare their submission for product approval.

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European Nanomedicine Characterisation Laboratory (EUNCL)

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  • EURONANOFORUM 2017 – Partners presented EUNCL
    EUNCL partners presented the project and the service we offer to our sponsors in a booth as part of the exhibition. EuroNanoForum 2017 focused on how nano and materials technologies can strengthen competitiveness across all European industries.
  • EUNCL General Assembly
    The EUNCL Partners, Third Parties, Satellite Labs and External Advisory Board met for the second Annual Meeting of the EUNCL project. EUNCL partner TCD organized the meeting in Dublin, Ireland from 31 May – 2 June 2017.
  • BIOMS represented EUNCL at Labvolution 2017
    LABVOLUTION got off to a fine start and is on the right track for the future. That sums up the outcome of the European trade fair dedicated entirely to innovative lab equipment and lab workflow optimization.

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