European Nanomedicine Characterisation Laboratory

Our Mission is:

  • To provide a trans-disciplinary testing infrastructure covering a comprehensive set of preclinical characterisation assays (physical, chemical, in-vitro and in-vivo biological testing) allowing researchers to fully comprehend the biodistribution, metabolism, pharmacokinetics, safety profiles and immunological effects of their Med-NPs.
  • To foster the use and deployment of standard operating procedures (SOPs), benchmark materials, and quality management for the preclinical characterisation of Med-NPs (nanoparticles used for medical applications). 

To promote inter-sectorial and inter-disciplinary communication among key drivers of innovation, especially between developers and regulatory agencies.

To fulfill its mission EU-NCL aims to achieve 4 major objectives:

Objective 1:

To qualify a comprehensive portfolio of Med-NP preclinical characterisation assays (more than 40 assays) within an efficient collaborative environment over the first year of EU-NCL.

Objective 2:

To provide preclinical characterisation of 15 Med-NPs to  researchers from academia and industry developing Med-NPs by opening trans-national access (TNA) the second year of EU-NCL.

Objective 3:

To constantly refine and upgrade the assay portfolio and processes of EU-NCL.

As nanomedicine is a fast evolving field of research, it is a key objective for EU-NCL to constantly refine and adapt its assay portfolio and processes in order maintain the provision of state-of-the-art TNA to the scientific community. Therefore, we will progressively implement additional assays to increase our characterisation capacity, for instance in terms of medical application or route of administration.

Objective 4:

To disseminate the EU-NCL findings to the nanomedicine stakeholders in order to strengthen the innovation potential in that field.

The emphasis of the EU-NCL is to serve as a nexus for trans-disciplinary research, development and clinical applications of nanotechnology. Therefore, lessons-learned, best practices, knowledge, tools and methods will be made available to the scientific community such as academic researchers, industry, regulatory bodies, metrology institutes and others. However, care will be taken to ensure that proprietary information and materials disclosed to the EU-NCL by the TNA users are protected.

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